Just One of Those Days . . .

I think we’re in the middle of something here and I have no idea where this is headed . . .

Daf 336 (Pesachim 13a-13b)

The attempt to resolve the dispute between R’Meir and R’Yehudah continues.

A story is related of one Jew who has custody of another Jew’s chametz. Near the onset of Pesach, mice pierce the sack that contains the chametz. Rebbi advises the custodian to sell it in the marketplace to another Jew (or so it says at first). We learn that the custodian cannot buy it himself “so people will not suspect [him] of buying it at an unjustifiably low price.” Rebbi’s advice is questioned: did he not actually instruct the custodian to sell the chametz to gentiles? And whose view does Rebbi’s ruling support?

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