Friday’s Gems (58a-58b) – ezl

Some of what I learned today:

– it is good to bless the multitudes (each and every one is a reflection of HaShem)

– I’d like to be more like Ben Zoma who is grateful for the efforts of others

– While Rav said “a sigh breaks half a person’s body”, R’ Yochanan said “a sigh breaks even a person’s entire body”.

– Lost vessels are similar to people you haven’t seen in 12 months. Someone you haven’t seen in 12 months is here compared to someone for whom you have said Kaddish for 12 months – in other words to someone who has died. Similarly, after 12 months, the original owner of a lost object is thought to have abandoned hope of ever finding it.

Okay – but back to sighing! I think a good, long sigh is refreshing.

Consider this another perspective from the Vilde Chaya Rebba.

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