Three Dapim (55a-55b; 56a-56b; and 57a-57b) – from ezl

Hi Neil – You and I are in a dance. You’ve posted about 55 and 56 and I will do that now and also write about 57 (today’s)  as well….here goes!

– best not to have any expectations regarding our prayers … and in any case to always rely on HaShem. What does it mean to “rely” on HaShem?  The simplest understanding is the hardest and probably the most true: we do the best we can, we acknowledge at all times the precious gift of life, and hope for the best, knowing that nothing is guaranteed, at least not in any way we might know.

– the table in our home, the one in our own dining room, has replaced the temple or rather The Temple. Let us remember this and and let us continue to regularly welcome ourselves and others to it!

– we read about actions and things that lengthen or shorten one’s days…. but surely each of us needs to figure out more specifically what these actions and things might be for ourselves.

– we meet Bezalel here – the first named artist. His name can mean “in God’s shadow”. “Bezalel knew how to join the letters with which heaven and earth were created.” I like that.

– And then we embark on a huge section on dreams and dream analysis…we learn that an “uninterpreted dream is like an unopened letter” and that the real meaning of a dream is by its interpretation as “all dreams follow the mouth” 

So very much to digest! Despite being told that “all dreams follow the mouth” we encounter long lists of actions and objects and their meanings when found in one’s dreams. How do you reconcile this?

Yours ever – Eleni





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2 Responses to Three Dapim (55a-55b; 56a-56b; and 57a-57b) – from ezl

  1. neillitt says:

    Yes, all dreams follow the mouth, but some present potentially upsetting imagery, in which case, better the mouth should even precede the dream. When I awake from dreaming that I have had relations with my mother I want to know without delay (and even before I have dreamed this) that from this dream I can anticipate attaining understanding. Dreams, after all, are one-sixtieth of prophecy, and a sign like this I want to know portends something other than a literal fulfillment!

  2. elenizl says:


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