What does prayer look like in the World to Come? (12a-12b)

Today’s daf asks what other blessings are to be recited along with the Sh’ma and whether the order of these blessings matters and whether all must be recited or not. Presumably, these are practical questions as to how to structure a post-Temple practice.

One of the blessings references the exodus from Egypt leading the Gemara to further ask whether we will mention this fact in the Messianic era. (Is the Messianic Era the same as the World to Come?)

In any case why would we ever exclude mention of such a defining moment for Jewish identity?

The destruction of The Temple has torn the fabric of the Jewish sense of space and time. With total dislocation of space we continue to grapple with what might appear more under our control, namely matters of time. But even here –  the Rabbis struggle to figure out what the shape of time is. Is time about “here and now” along with “there and then”; and what about imagined time? or the time of memory?

What prayers would we say in an imagined future time, say after our own passing?

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