Sentences, Souls, Swords, and More (10a-10b)

These ideas from today’s daf grabbed me today:  

– “juxtaposed passages” are potentially meaningful because of their juxtaposition

– the notion that David lived in five worlds.

– the idea that the human soul shares five attributes with the Holy One

– the suggestion that one should never give up hope “even if a sharp sword rests upon a person’s neck”

– the possibility that the recitation of the Sh’ma is more important than Torah study

– the encouragement that one balances activities so that one discharges responsibilities towards Hashem prior to satisfying one’s own appetites

Regarding the five shared attributes of humans and The Holy One:

– Just as God fills all the World … “so too does the human soul fill all the body”

– Just as God “observes but is not observed” so it is with the human soul

– Just as God nourishes the world, so “does the [human] soul nourish all of the body”

– Just as God is pure so is the soul

“Just as the Holy One … abides in rooms within rooms, so too does the soul abide in rooms within rooms.”




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