To Pray or not to Pray (7a-7b)

The daf for yesterday (Wednesday 8/8/12) was 7a-7b.

We read that God prays and that God gets angry.

Okay – you know what?

I don’t want God to be like me. I want God to be God. Sure my human imagination and capability is limited and sure because of that I will speak of God in an anthropomorphic way ….but when all is said and done, we are left with the mystery of the “no answer”.

At the same time, I am moved by the notion that God would pray: “May it be My will that My mercy conquer My anger and that My mercy overcome My stronger attributes”. Amen to that!

But God still gets angry and the problem is that although God’s anger is fleeting (“one fifty-eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eighth part of an hour”)  you don’t know WHEN that is! Oh dear …

So on top of not knowing when to prayer the evening Sh’ma (we are still working on that!) we have to figure out when God is angry so we don’t pray in that moment because we also read that it is never good to approach someone (Anyone) when they are angry — even more so the KBH (the Kadosh Baruch Hoo)…

Some indicators exist that can show us when the KBH gets angry. One, according to Abaye, is “during these first three hours of the day when the comb of a rooster pales and it stands on one foot”. (You can’t make this stuff up!!)

There are others.

But somehow I am left with the feeling that I can never know when God is angry so, maybe, to be on the safe side (building my own fence around this idea) I shouldn’t pray at all, lest I risk praying at the wrong time.

Somehow I feel that that is not where I ought to, or even want to, end up.

So I will pray to God whenever I want and let the chips fall where they may. Amen.

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