Demons and Giants … (6a-6b)

We read in today’s daf (well that would be yesterday’s daf – 6a-6b): “It was taught in a Baraisa: Abba Binyamin says: If the eye would be granted permission to see, no creature would be able to stand in face of the demons (that surround it).”

Whoa Sparky! How did we suddenly get from a text about the merit of blessings to demons? I think that will simply have to be a separate piece about the mechanics of Talmud where I will access my inner Talmudic engineer another time.

Back to demons! We read that they are very numerous and that we are surrounded by them (“Each one of us has a thousand of them to his left and ten thousand to his right.”) Your traditional Talmud scholar might ask why does the right have more than the left … and I say to him … “Helloooooo!”

We read that we find demons in “public lectures” and in our “garments”.

Okay. Understood. The “yetzer” is everywhere and out to catch us at any moment. So we need to be on our guard. And luckily we are not given “permission” to see them so don’t ask for it!

Indeed, there is much, so much, that cannot be seen by the human eye.

In fact it seems to me that mostly everything that matters, really matters, can’t be seen by the human eye. Love, kindness, generosity of spirit, and more are not visible to the human eye and yet no permission is needed. All that is required is the open heart …

And so my heart opens to the fear and sense of dislocation embedded in this text of those who lost everything, wondering who they were without God’s House and wondering where God Godself was without The Temple…

There are Giants in the sky!

There are big tall terrible Giants in the sky!
When you’re way up high And you look below At the world you left And the things you know,Little more than a glance Is enough to show You just how small you are.

When you’re way up high And you’re own your own In a world like none That you’ve ever known,Where the sky is lead And the earth is stone,

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One Response to Demons and Giants … (6a-6b)

  1. neillitt says:

    The demons are only visible to us when we succeed in purifying ourselves from our own demon energy. Who are the demons? We are . . . until we have the eyes to see!

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