People Get Ready!

Just three more days to the beginning of a new Daf Yomi cycle!

I tried this once before, jumping on in the middle (I started with Nazir and lasted through Succah– about 80%), but this time, I’m thinking we can make it all the way. To join me, all you need is curiosity, enthusiasm, plus an iPad and a $6.99/month subscription to the Schottenstein Talmud Digital English Monthly Daf Yomi or a copy of the new Koren Talmud Bavli, Vol. 1:Tractate Berakhot, which is $29.54 from Amazon (with a card enclosed by the publisher for an additional $10 rebate!).

Staring Friday, I want to see you here– reading, commenting, kibbitzing. No previous Talmud experience is required. The Talmud is an amazing document– a major work of world literature. Give it a shot!


P.S. Don’t let all them beards pictured above leave you thinking this enterprise is male-only. That picture was chosen as post-modern ironical commentary on the way things used to be. This site is most decidedly non-orthodox egalitarian.

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2 Responses to People Get Ready!

  1. Lila Rose Vail says:

    Nice to blog about the Talmud

  2. gila says:

    What a wonderful task you took on! So much heart and balance both of you put into it… wealth of insights, reflections, and humor when called for, too. gh

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